DIRECTIONS: If the skin is thick and scaly, first apply rubbing alcohol and massage Psoria-Gold® into the wet alcohol. This ensures better absorption. Make sure Psoria-Gold® is massaged thoroughly underneath the thick scales. Treat small areas at any one time in order to ensure that the alcohol is still wet before applying Psoria-Gold®. However, if the alcohol dries out the skin too much, you may skip this step, and apply Psoria-Gold® directly to the skin. 


Since curcumin gel should be used as adjunctive therapy in red, scaly skin, continue your steroid preparations and additional therapy prescribed by your doctor during the day. Since creams/ointments prevent Psoria-Gold® from being absorbed, you should first wash off any creams and ointments before use. Continue using your usual creams/ointments during the day and Psoria-Gold® in the evenings until it is completely resolved.


Psoria-Gold® does not replace your regular treatment. 

To maximize sterility, use a cotton swab to transfer gel onto a clean surface. USE A FRESH COTTON SWAB TIP, AND DO NOT REDIP PREVIOUSLY USED SWAB INTO THE JAR TO AVOID TRANSFERRING BACTERIA FROM THE SKIN TO THE JAR. For the hands, reapply ointments after hand washing if skin is too dry. 

You must identify and remove the injury factors that aggravate your red, scaly skin. You should SEE YOUR DOCTOR for this. Aggravating factors include, but are limited to: (1) Bacterial superinfection (Staphylococcus aureus) if skin is red and itchy; (2) Streptococcus infection- ears, throat, groin, perianal; (3) Pityosporum ovale in scalp; (4) Contact allergies - elastic, leather, black dyes, neoprene glues (shoes), nickel; (5) lactose intolerance; (6) zinc deficiency.

CAUTION: Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.For external and cosmetic use only. Keep away from open flame. Not for use on open wounds. Replace cap to avoid drying of gel. Keep out of reach from children.





In the case of skin that has abnormally red and scaly symptoms, studies have shown an increased presence of the enzyme, Phosphorylase Kinase (PhK), as a result of a defective gene on the distal end of the 17th chromosome (Heng MCY et al. Br J Dermatol 1994; 130:298-306). The persistently high levels of the enzyme, PhK, in the skin result in rapid epidermal turnover leading to defective barrier function. If the epidermal turnover is too rapid, the barrier function is compromised, and sheds as much as every 4-6 days, as opposed to every 60 days in normal skin. In addition, skin becomes permeable to allergens and bacteria, leading to inflammation and infection. 

We believe Psoria-Gold® curcumin gel is effective because it aids in slowing down the energy supply to the rapidly dividing cells which result in red, scaly, skin symptoms. With the adjunctive skin regimen and therapies prescribed by your doctor, curcumin gel may help to improve the appearance of red, scaly skin. 
Curcumin gel should be used until the skin appearance returns completely to normal (no redness, scaling or itching), as re-inflammation is less likely to recur when the skin regains its health. This may take 2-3 months for redness and scaling of the scalp, trunk, face, arms and legs. However, in the palms and soles, which have a much thicker skin barrier (up to 200 cell layer), or in areas of thicker skin, this may take 6-12 months.


RECOMMENDED PRODUCT: We recommend either Psoria Gold® Regular or Ultra classic formulas. It is not necessary to use the Face ULTRA formula, unless extra moisture is needed.


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