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Psoria-Gold® is intended for cosmetic and topical use only. It is available in the Classic regular formula and Classic extra strength (the concentrated version of the regular formula). In addition, we have recently introduced our new extra strength formula designed especially for the face, Psoria-Gold® Face ULTRA and Sensitive Plus, for those with especially sensitive skin. We only use curcumin from naturally grown turmeric, rather than synthetically derived sources. For this reason, the color of our curcumin gel can range from a bright yellow to a deep gold, and an even deeper gold for the Ultras due to its higher concentration of curcumin extract. It spreads invisibly on the skin, and works well under other skincare products. Finally, our Lipid Barrier Hydro Gel, part of the Sensitive Skin line, is a soothing breathable, nourishing hydro gel which does not clog the pores. 


  • FACE pH Prep Toner 3.3 oz Spray Bottle. Antioxidants and Curcumin star in this pH balancing spray toner that improves absorption of active ingredients, discourages microbial growth in blemish prone skin, and soothes and softens sun exposed skin. 19.00
  • FACE Clean Foam Cleanser (NEW formulation) 4 oz Pump. Now, more concentrated in curcumin content in smaller, eco-friendly recyclable foamer pump. Squeaky clean gentle foaming cleanser. Made from aloe and coconuts. Cleans effectively without drying. Sulfate and preservative free. Formulated to be tearless and non-irritating. 
  • FACE Moisture Seal Lotion  3.3 oz Spray Bottle. Formulated to mimic the skin's natural emollient profile. No unnecessary thickeners to clog the pores. Light spray lotion absorbs thoroughly without greasiness, yet packs a moisturizing punch for dry, cracked, damaged skin. Improves texture and ability to withstand environmental elements with Omega essential emollients and Curcumin. 
  • FACE Zinc Mask  2.0 oz Jar Soothe and Protect your skin with this mineral clay barrier mask which multitasks as a blemish control mask at night and UV Booster during the day. Activate this curcumin-rich clay formulation with water or Psoria-Gold Moisture Seal Spray Lotion (recommended) for a long lasting barrier against harmful environment elements. Use under sunscreen for extra UV mineral barrier. One jar lasts a long time, no need to stock up on this one!
  • FACE Lite 1.0 oz  (Light strength formula): 1 oz airless jar for the face. For daily maintenance for not so severe skin. 49.00
  • FACE Ultra 1.0 oz (Extra-Strength face formula): 1.0 airless jar for the face, and for more severe areas. The airless jar allows for easier dispensing without compromising sterility of product. High concentration, highly moisturizing. New Face Ultra formulation goes on smoother, lighter, but still retains it's super-moisturizing qualities! Even more absorbent, with even more curcumin concentration. 169.00
  • FACE Ultra 1.69 oz (Extra-Strength face formula): 1.69 airless jar for the face, and for more severe areas. You asked, we listened! Available in a larger size 1.69 oz airless jar! For those who need more frequent application. The airless jar allows for easier dispensing without compromising sterility of product. High concentration, highly moisturizing. New Face Ultra formulation goes on smoother, lighter, but still retains it's super-moisturizing qualities! Even more absorbent, with even more curcumin concentration. 199.00


  • CLASSIC Regular 2.0 oz  and CLASSIC Regular 2.0 oz Two-Pak (Bestselling 2 oz jar and 2 oz Two-Pak for the body): Easy to dispense a larger quantity when used on body and scalp. This updated Psoria-Gold® Classic regular formula is now made with more curcumin, the active ingredient which gives turmeric its phosphorylase kinase inhibition properties. This new formula is now more spreadable, which allows easier application for larger areas such as the body, or the face/chest area. Formulated to be less drying, those with more sensitive skin will enjoy this extremely absorbable and effective curcumin gel. Preservative free. 89.00​ / 143.00 (Two-Pak)
  • CLASSIC Ultra 2.0 oz (Classic Extra Strength formula): 2 oz jar for severe areas, larger areas or thicker skin (i.e. soles of feet). High concentration, highly absorbable. 165.00

SENSITIVE FORMULAS: Psoria-Gold® SENSITIVE, a new line of products designed for especially sensitive skin! Iso-alcohol and preservative free.

  • SENSITIVE PLUS Formulation (New Formulation) 1.0 oz airless pump for those with especially sensitive skin. Now more concentrated in curcumin content! Plus concentration, moisturizing, soothing. Made with an apple humectant. Preservative free. 124.00
  • SENSITIVE Lipid Barrier Hydro Gel 1.0 oz airless pump. Breathable, Nourishing, Hydro Gel for Sensitive Skin. Your skin needs a hydrating drink too! Combines organic omega essential oils with soothing humectants for thirsty, tight-feeling skin. Good for both dry and blemish prone sensitive skin types. Translucent white gel that does not clog the pores. 35.00
  • SENSITIVE Tearless Hair & Body Wash: 10 oz Bottle. A gentle, soothing, botanical formulation naturally scented with organic Lavender extracts. Sulfate-free and pH balanced, it is ideal for irritated, sensitive skin, or chemically- processed hair. Hypoallergenic and dye free. Leaves hair and skin clean and smelling fresh. Gentle enough to used as a body wash. 29.00

What's the Difference in Curcumin Gel Formulas? 

Psoria-Gold® FACE Lite formula is specifically formulated for daily use for the face. The airless pump is an innovative way of ensuring the product's sterility, as no air or bacteria can enter the bottle. The jar packaging is preferred by those who wish to have more control over how much product is dispensed at a time. It is also easy to tell when the product is almost finished. The 1 oz size is recommended for those with less severe skin,  and do not need a concentrated curcumin formulation. Lightweight with a cooling aloe base.

The Psoria-Gold® CLASSIC Regular formula in the 2 oz jar is our Best Selling formulation. A preferred size by those need to dispense more at a time, and on larger areas such as the the body, or scalp. It is also convenient for those who need frequent application to the face. It is important to keep the product sterile, however, by dispensing any product from the jar with a cotton swab or spatula. An all-purpose formulation for those with multiple areas of use.


The Psoria-Gold® FACE Ultra is our new ultra concentrated version specially formulated for the face, and have very dry damaged skin. This formula differs from our Face regular in that it is several times more concentrated, more soothing, and contains an oil-free, water soluble, humectant moisturizer. It does not feel heavy, or clog the pores, and should be applied very sparingly. It can also be used for spot treatment on the body if extra moisture is needed for more severe areas. Contains Niacinamide (Vit B3) for those who need extra help with discoloration.


Psoria-Gold® CLASSIC Ultra is the classic extra-strength formula, several times more concentrated than the regular formula. Highly absorbable, it is formulated to penetrate thicker, scaly layers of skin, and designed for spot treatment of areas of the body that need extra attention. The original extra strength formulation formerly sold only in clinics. 


Psoria-Gold® SENSITIVE Plus is a plus concentrated plus strength curcumin gel formulated without iso-alcohol or aloe vera gel, and designed specifically for sensitive skin. It is very soothing on the face and other areas that typically cannot tolerate most skincare products. It may be used close to the eyes, and on select mucous membrane. Made with a moisturizing humectant from apples. All Psoria-Gold® Sensitive products are non-drying, non-sensitizing, and preservative free.

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