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What is the one for one donation program?

Write to us, and give us your story, or the story of someone you know. Let us know who they are, and whether they are undergoing a breast cancer treatment. We have created our limited edition PINK label as part of our One for One Donation Program so when you purchase one, we will donate one bottle of the Sensitive Plus to someone you know undergoing treatment therapy. This program will end when all 500 bottles of the PINK labels have been purchased, and 500 Sensitive Plus bottles have been donated to each person you know!

The One for One donation program is unique in that you have control over how your Breast Cancer donation dollars are allocated.

There are many charities and systems in which your donation may not spent how you think. In many cases, only a portion of proceeds are actually donated, and most go to support administrative costs. With this program, we can directly affect how your purchase not only affects a  breast cancer survivor, but one that YOU KNOW! Please note that we can donate the bottle on your behalf to those participating in research studies. Your generous donation will be humbly accepted. 

Here's how it works, write to us, email us, or call us. Give us your name, and invoice number for the purchase of the PINK label. Give us your story, and make sure you provide the name and address, phone number,  email of the recipient, and we will mail a bottle of the Sensitive Plus to them. It's that simple. (We do not sell or share our customer's information, please understand that although we have a worldwide audience, some countries may not be eligible for the One for One program)

Please understand that there are a limited quantity of PINK edition bottles, so we want to make sure our donation counts. Make sure your recipient's information is correct, and please let them know about the program. We want to surprise them, but not SURPRISE them! 

Finally, this is a program in which we are trying to make a difference in the lives of those we love. This was an idea born from passion, from sympathy, and the need to feel our donation was going directly a breast cancer patient in need. It is our gift to your loved one. Let's keep this program going, let's keep it honest, and let's have Hope!!

The One for One program only applies to purchases of the Sensitive Plus PINK Label. No exceptions! To purchase a bottle of the PINK label, click here.

Write to: One for One Donation Program

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