Curcumin gel, along with your doctor’s recommended regimen, may aid in the appearance of inflamed, porous skin. 


Clogged pores may result in inflammation of the hair follicles. When your pores are clogged, the sebum in the oil/sebaceous glands cannot drain to the skin surface. Consequently, the bacteria in the blocked oil glands accumulate, and attracts pus cells, eventually creating unwanted inflamed, porous, skin appearance. 


RECOMMENDED PRODUCT: We recommend either Psoria Gold® Regular or Ultra classic formulas. It is not necessary to use the Face Ultra formula, which contains a humectant moisturizer, as those with oily skin usually don't need the extra moisture. For those who have very inflamed sensitive skin, the Sensitive Plus formulation is recommended.

B. How to prevent clogged pores:


(1) This is really important, as your skin will never be truly controlled if you ignore this step. Avoid heavy conditioners and shampoos (only use clear shampoos such as Baby Shampoo), hair pomades, hair gels, hair oils, hair sprays, moisturizing creams, heavy lotions, and heavy makeup. If you want to use light sunscreen, or powdered make-up after applying Psoria-gold®, which will prevent the sunscreen/makeup from clogging your pores. Avoid cream moisturizers or cleansers if you tend to have oily skin. You will notice your skin may start feeling less dry over time as your pores become unclogged.


(2) Washing instructions: Use a clear glycerin bar soap with a wash cloth. Change the wash cloth daily. If the skin feels too dry, skip the soap and splash face with water alone. 


(3) Apply small dab of Psoria-Gold® onto damp skin, and massage thoroughly into skin until dry. Continue with normal skin regimen. Try to avoid heavy, oily skin products. 
CAUTION: Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.For external and cosmetic use only. Keep away from open flame. Not for use on open wounds. Replace cap to avoid drying of gel. Keep out of reach from children.




(1) Psoria-Gold® curcumin gel may be effective in unclogging hair-follicles. After washing your face with glycerin soap, pat dry with a towel. Massage a thin layer of Psoria-Gold® quickly and thoroughly over the face with your fingers until dry. You may also do this on your back or chest if you have unwanted appearance in these areas. Apply in the morning, and in the evening. 


(2) Retin A (retinoic acid) gel or tretinoin gel 0.025% will also unclog the pores. However, retinoic acid gel makes the skin sensitive to the sun. Thus, it is best to use this at night. Retinoic acid gel may also make your skin peel. If this is so, skip a night or two and restart the retinoic acid gel when your peeling stops. On the nights you do not use retinoic acid gel, use Psoria-Gold® only. Avoid applying retinoic acid gel to the corners of the eyes, nose and mouth. Retinoic acid gel is a prescription item.


(3) In the process of opening up your pores, you may continue to have inflammation of the hair follicles. At this stage, you may need oral doxycycline or minocycline, These medications slow down oil production and control bacterial populations, and control inflamed skin while the pores are being unclogged. You may also use topical clindamycin solution to dab on inflamed areas only, and not over the whole face. You may apply topical clindamycin as much as 6X a day. Since both oral doxycycline and clindamycin solution are prescription medications, you will have to see your doctor for these.


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