How May Curcumin Gel Help Your Skin's Appearance?

Psoria-Gold® is a patented aloe vera based gel with the active ingredient, curcumin, derived from the Indian spice, turmeric. Curcumin is the principal polyphenol responsible for turmeric’s bright yellow color. Curcumin has been used for centuries in many South East Asian cooking recipes to enhance the color of the food, and has also been known in some eastern cultures to have a wide range of therapeutic and preventative effects. It is a well-known anti-inflammatory, but lesser known is its ability to inhibit the release of Phosphorylase Kinase (Ph-K), the enzyme which initiates unwanted skin appearances upon onset of injury.

Phosphorylase kinase is a unique enzyme that plays an essential role in the activation of NF-kB, a key transcription activator, and the multiple NF-kB-dependent signaling pathways induced by injurious stimuli. Phosphorylase kinase is released within 5 minutes following skin injury, and serves as a catalyst for the processes that result in the subsequent activation of over 200 genes responsible for unwanted skin appearance. Curcumin, the active ingredient in the spice, turmeric, is a selective, non-competitive phosphorylase kinase inhibitor. By slowing down the energy supply to the inflammatory processes, curcumin targets multiple NF-kB-dependent pathways, with salutary effects on skin disorders induced by injury. Thus, with adjunctive therapy prescribed by your doctor, Psoria-Gold® can help improve your skin’s health and appearance.

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Gel vs. Cream

Studies have shown that curcumin is a large molecule, and not readily bioavailable orally or topically applied. It needs to extracted and aged from the pure powder before it can be absorbed into the skin to be effective. Our patented gel formulations are designed to be concentrated and effective, without staining the skin. Why use a gel base? Oils and oil-based moisturizers impede the absorption of curcumin, making the cream base less effective as a delivery mechanism. Psoria-Gold® Curcumin Gel is the most concentrated and effective curcumin based formulation series available.​​

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