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Kathy Ireland and Lilou Mace's interviews with Dr. Heng touch on the following topics: Psoriasis, Rosacea, Acne, Scarring, Burns, and Sun Damage by focusing on case studies of real patients.

World renowned author and producer, Lilou Mace interviews Dr. Heng regarding curcumin and her research on inflammatory diseases during her Juicy Living tour  in California. 


Kathy Ireland interviews Dr. Heng

What's so special about curcumin gel?​

Kathy Ireland, a well-known proponent of products safe enough for children, first became interested in Dr. Heng’s work in 2017. Her own skincare lines include natural alternatives that similarly appeal to the growing trend of consumers that demand safer and more responsible sourcing, without compromising shelf life and efficacy.

1.69 oz Face Ultra Curcumin Gel


How to apply Psoria-Gold®

Psoria-Gold® is best applied in a thin layer. Don't use too much, a little goes a loooooong way! After cleansing with a mild glycerin cleanser in the morning, lightly towel dry the skin. Dispense a half a pea size portion to the palm of the hands, rub together, and massage thoroughly over the entire face or affected area of the body. You'll see, it covers a large area. Continue to massage into the skin until dry. It layers really well under sunscreen, makeup, or other skincare products (prescription or non-prescription). Repeat this before you go to bed.

Psoria-Gold® Curcumin gel

a Natural Topical Anti inflammatory​

Psoria-Gold® Curcumin Gel is a patented oil-free gel with the active ingredient, curcumin, derived from the Indian spice, turmeric. Curcumin is the principal polyphenol responsible for turmeric’s bright yellow color. It is a well-known natural topical anti inflammatory, but lesser known is its ability to inhibit the release of Phosphorylase Kinase (Ph-K), the enzyme which initiates unwanted skin appearances upon onset of injury.  

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