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Psoria-Gold Zinc Mask


CURCUMIN zinc mask

Curcumin and zinc make a great team! Just in time for summer. You'll LOVE this dynamic duo when used as a mask or when mixed with your favorite moisturizer! Coming soon!


How to apply Psoria-Gold®

Psoria-Gold® is best applied in a thin layer. Don't use too much, a little goes a loooooong way! After cleansing with a mild glycerin cleanser in the morning, lightly towel dry the skin. Dispense a half a pea size portion to the palm of the hands, rub together, and massage thoroughly over the entire face or affected area of the body. You'll see, it covers a large area. Continue to massage into the skin until dry. It layers really well under sunscreen, makeup, or other skincare products (prescription or non-prescription). Repeat this before you go to bed.

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a Natural Topical Anti inflammatory​

Psoria-Gold® Curcumin Gel is a patented oil-free gel with the active ingredient, curcumin, derived from the Indian spice, turmeric. Curcumin is the principal polyphenol responsible for turmeric’s bright yellow color. It is a well-known natural topical anti inflammatory, but lesser known is its ability to inhibit the release of Phosphorylase Kinase (Ph-K), the enzyme which initiates unwanted skin appearances upon onset of injury.  

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